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Support for You

One or two preceptors/supervisors will be allocated on commencement of each area placement

We aim that all of our preceptors/supervisors have attended a “Preceptorship Workshop” and have been educated on all current education and learning strategies to meet the needs of a student. All preceptors and clinical facilitators are aware of the paperwork and requirements you must achieve and complete

Clinical support is available at all times. At Ramsay Health Care we have a number of support staff for you to contact if you need assistance. This guide may help you to identify their roles:

  • Clinical Facilitator/Supervisor: Is your main support person, they will support you from orientation through to your final placement assessments
  • Unit Manager is in charge of the ward/department and the associated staff, the patients and the general functioning of same
  • Educators: Are responsible for the staff development and training needs of the hospital, they are aware that you are on placement
  • Preceptor: Ramsay Health Care trains hundreds of preceptors each year, you will work along side of the preceptors and share their patient load and expertise
  • Clinical Ward Staff: There is a lot of knowledge and experience on the ward and they are responsible primarily for patient care


Students are able to access the Ramsay on-line library. The free electronic library service provides you with access to an extensive collection of books and videos, journals, a document delivery and research service and access to popular databases such as CINAHL, MEDLINE and PROQUEST

Many of our hospitals also have limited on-site Library resources available for you to access also.

Information to access the online library can also be found on

Hospital in-service programs

These sessions are designed and initiated according to the requirements of each individual ward in relation to new equipment, medications, procedures and programs to be implemented. All staff are expected to contribute to education. As students you are welcome to attend these sessions at the discretion of your facilitator/preceptor or supervisor.

Student counselling services

Ramsay Health Care proudly provides a national counselling service for all students while on clinical placement at any of our facilities nationally.

Student Counselling Service is offered:

  • In addition to the student supports currently provided by your university
  • Confidential, professional counselling and advice while on placement at Ramsay Health Care
  • Counselling may be via phone, online or face to face, enabling students to receive confidential counselling support wherever they are based
  • Students can call the hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to book an appointment
  • Critical incident response counselling is available for immediate assistance
  • This service may be particularly useful after hours, weekends, public holidays and during university holidays etc

Ramsay Health Care is proud to provide high quality clinical placement to all of our students we hope the student counselling service will further support our students by providing free, confidential counselling, anytime, anywhere.