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About Us

The Ramsay Way

People are at the heart of our success. As ‘people caring for people’ there are three key ways we approach our work every day.

We value strong relationships

Healthy working relationships lead to positive outcomes for all. We look out for the people we work with, and we respect and recognise them. Strong healthy relationships are the foundation of our stakeholder loyalty.

We aim to constantly improve

We do things the right way. We enjoy our work and take pride in our achievements. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo to find better ways.

We seek to grow sustainably

Maintaining sustainable levels of profitability are only part of our success. We prioritise long term success over short term financial gains because we care about our people, our community and our planet.

People caring for people

Ramsay Health Care’s motto “People Caring for People” was developed over 25 years ago and has become synonymous with Ramsay Health Care and the way it operates its business. We recognise that we operate in an industry where “care” is not just a value statement, but a critical part of the way we must go about our daily operations in order to meet the expectations of our customers – our patients and our staff.

Ramsay Health Care is committed to ongoing improvement of patient care in all areas. While we have an excellent record in delivering quality patient care and managing risks, we continue to focus on improvements that will keep us at the forefront of health care delivery. To this end, Ramsay Health Care prides itself on listening and responding to the needs of our patients. We continually evaluate and improve on all aspects of our performance through customer satisfaction surveys and formal feedback processes.

Ramsay Health Care differentiates itself from other hospital operators through its decentralized management structure, which allows our managers to develop productive working relationships with doctors. We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have built with doctors throughout the organization. Our hospitals are led by competent and experienced managers renowned for having an “open door” policy for doctors and staff.

Ramsay Health Care staff work in an environment that is receptive and flexible and they have the opportunity to shape the standards and quality of care. Our internal policies and processes aim to provide staff at all levels with career expansion, training and development opportunities. We are recognised for our commitment to staff through the fostering and development of a special culture known as “The Ramsay Way” The Ramsay Way recognises that our people are the key to our success.