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Clinical Placement FAQ

We aim to:

  • Provide guidance and support from unit managers, educators, facilitators, supervisors, clinical specialists, preceptors, human resources and the clinical administration team
  • Enable you to work as an effective member of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Provide opportunities to gain confidence and competence in your skills through demonstration, practice, direct activities, competencies and assessments
  • Facilitate rotations through a number of clinical specialties
  • Provide insight into the Healthcare profession through direct patient involvement, self directed learning and reflective practice
  • Give insight into the business structure and professional relationships of an acute private hospital
  • Provide support and guidance with your time management skills
  • Enable you to provide excellent customer service to patients, relatives and the other members of the multidisciplinary team

By the completion of the placement you will:

  • Have completed the hospital mandatory E-Learning modules as required by your program
  • Have a good understanding of what an effective team member is and how best to manage your time
  • Recognise the importance of having excellent customer service
  • Appreciate the need to have advanced critical thinking skills
  • Work at your level of expertise in a professional manner
  • Maintain best practice
  • Have worked within hospital clinical practice standards
  • Uphold the Ramsay Mission Statement and “The Ramsay Way”

SPOT is the software program Ramsay Health Care uses for all information relating to your clinical placement. This is where students can view their placement details along with their rosters, facilitator contacts, documents relating to the placement, create notes but also leave feedback on the placement.

Your Education Provider will have registered you for access to the SPOT system when they allocate you to a Ramsay Health Care hospital for placement. You will receive an automatically generated email with your login details. If you haven’t received please check with your clinical placements coordinator.

SPOT login Page:-

If you forget your password simply enter your student email address as the username then follow the “Forgot your password” link to reset.

Reference guides to using SPOT can be found on the support tab on & for any other technical problems relating to.

Note: Not all Ramsay Health Care student placement details are registered through SPOT. Your facilitator/supervisor will confirm this with on the first day of Orientation.

If you are however registered in SPOT it is an expectation that all details of your placement will be listed within this system.

Students are required to complete online e-learning modules, prior to commencing their placement with Ramsay Health Care:

How to access your e-Learning modules

  • You will need to have access to the internet and a printer
  • Follow the Orientation manual link in the SPOT login page and go to the link for E-learning
  • Select the ‘Mandatory Modules’ as outlined below
  • At the completion of each module, enter your name
  • Print certificate OR save screen shot of completion certificate to your mobile device
  • Present certificate OR saved screen shots to the facilitator on your 1st day of placement
    NOTE: Failure to do so may result in you not being able to attend clinical areas and therefore not meeting the requirements of your placement
  • Should you be unable to present a completion certificate OR screen shot of completed certificates, you will be required to re sit the modules and produce a new certificate
    NOTE: If using screen shot mode please ensure these are easily readable

Mandatory Modules

There are 5 general mandatory modules for all students:

  • General Orientation, Safety, Emergency Management, Anti-discrimination, Bullying & Harassment and Privacy Law

In addition to these 5 modules, you may be required to complete other modules, based on your tertiary/education institute or individual hospital/ clinic requests. If this is required, the placement coordinator at your hospital will forward further instruction for same. Again, completion certificates must be printed and presented to your facilitator on your first day of placement.

Any additional modules listed in the optional modules are simply that, optional and may be used as extra learning resources.