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Support for graduates and interns

Ramsay Health Care Graduate Pathways Program

Our program is designed to bring out the best in new graduates as they move from study to work. Across two years, you’ll receive world-class support in a wide range of settings, specialties and interests.

The program offers support, opportunity and flexibility to our graduates, so you can learn and grow confidently in the knowledge that our team is on your side.

Structured and supportive, our program lays a strong foundation for a stellar clinical career to registered nurses, enrolled nurses, registered Midwives, allied health graduates and pharmacy interns.

We offer:

  • Specialised orientation processes to ensure you’re comfortable and confident as you adapt to clinical life
  • Time to adapt to your facility’s processes, routine and competencies
  • Clinical support staff within your allocated area, as well as clinical facilitator support
  • Nominated preceptors
  • Educational support to so you can meet and achieve your professional development goals
  • Regular appraisals and catch ups about your performance so you know you’re on the right track
  • Flexible online eLearning via MyLearning
  • Competitive salaries plus a range of employee benefits

Growth Series Education

To help you grow and adjust to life as a clinical practitioner, we’ve designed a series of structured development days known as the Growth Series.

Offered in addition to the great experience and support you’ll receive as part of the Graduate and Intern Fellowship Program, our Growth Series help to ensure that all Ramsay Health Care Graduates, regardless of their designation or discipline, are receiving standardised, relevant education that focuses on patient safety and the Ramsay Way values.

Developed in partnership with our experienced staff, national clinical governance, legal, national safety, national education committee, local educators and state managers, the series ensures that training is consistent, no matter where you’re working or what your specialisation is.

Across four days, you’ll learn four key lessons for starting a career in healthcare:

  • It starts with you: Learn how and why humans make errors, how you can avoid them in the healthcare setting.
  • People caring for people: Learn about the particular safety nets in our workplace, designed to reduce the risk of harm or injury.
  • Proceed with caution: Review situations that may be high risk, how to prepare for them and protect yourself and others. These situations may involve breaches of privacy, use of social media, professional standards even with innocent breaches in codes of conduct.
  • Career crossroads: Look at ongoing professional development, now and into the future. Discuss career pathways and opportunities to ensure continued growth.

Clinical support

As a Graduate or Intern with Ramsay Health Care, you’ll receive support from a wide range of sources, including:

  • Ramsay Health Care Graduate Pathways Program coordinator
  • State-specific learning and workforce programs
  • Unit managers
  • Area and facility-specific educators
  • Senior staff support
  • Clinical facilitators
  • Preceptors/supervisors
  • Friendly, experienced clinical staff

Preceptor Plus

Preceptor Plus is our specialised support program for all clinical staff, including allied health, registered nurses, midwives, enrolled nurses, health care assistants/patient care assistants/assistants in nursing and undergraduate students.

The program assists students, graduates and new staff as they settle into their new roles through a structured, supportive introduction to our organisation.

As a graduate or intern, you will be assigned your own preceptors/supervisors for each of your rotations. Your preceptor will act as a guide and coach, providing regular feedback and support.

As we offer flexible working arrangements, you may find your shifts do not always align with your preceptor’s. In this case, you’ll be matched with another preceptor to support you on your shift.