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Our Gradplus program has been specifically designed to target the novice practitioner to provide structured support as you transition your way through the most challenging part of your career whilst learning to grow and reach your full potential.

The purpose of the Gradplus program is to increase your confidence as a newly graduated health professional so you can further develop your clinical skills & knowledge and become an integral member of the health care team. The structured program offers support by providing you with the following:

  • Graduate, hospital & unit specific orientation processes to get you through the reality shock of your new role
  • Supernumerary time to adapt to area specific processes, routine & competencies
  • Clinical support staff within your allocated area
  • Nominated preceptors
  • Educational support to assist you with ongoing professional development
  • Clinical facilitator support
  • Ongoing performance feedback with  regular appraisals
  • Online eLearning via MyLearning
  • Employee benefits that Ramsay can offer as a wider company that will assist you financially.

Growth Series Education

As another layer of support in nurturing Graduates through their most difficult phase of their career is the introduction of the Gradplus Growth series. The Growth Series is a set of structured development days to ensure that all Ramsay Health Care Graduates (regardless of their designation / discipline) are receiving standard & relevant education that focuses on patient safety and the Ramsay Way values.

The series has been developed with consultation of Ramsay’s wider teams; national clinical governance, legal, national safety, national education committee, local educators and our state managers to standardise training for all graduates in Ramsay & provide consistency to all Gradplus programs nationally.

The Growth Series has been split into 4 days that have been designed to target key components of the novice health professionals practice. They include:

  • It starts with you - This series workshop is designed to help grads understand how and why humans make errors and strategies to avoid them in the health care setting.
  • People caring for people - In this series grads will learn what safety nets are available to them in our workplace. These are the particular safety nets that are designed to reduce the risk of harm or injury.
  • Proceed with caution - In this series we will review situations that may be high risk, how to prepare for them and protect yourself and others. These situations may involve: breaches of privacy, use of social media, professional standards even with innocent breaches in codes of conduct.
  • Career crossroads - In this series we will look at ongoing professional development and where to after your grad program. We will discuss career pathways and opportunities available to ensure continued growth

Clinical Support

Ramsay Health Care also offers extensive clinical support through the following channels:

  • GradPlus coordinator
  • State specific workforce planning & development team
  • Unit managers
  • Area & hospital specific educators
  • Level 2/CN area support
  • Clinical facilitators
  • Preceptors/supervisors
  • Friendly experienced clinical staff

Preceptor Plus

Preceptor Plus is Ramsay Health Care’s support program for all clinical staff which includes Allied Health, Registered Nurses, Midwives, Enrolled Nurses, Health Care Assistants/Patient Care Assistants/ Assistants in Nursing & Undergraduate Nursing Students.

Our program assists students, graduates and new staff, to settle in to new roles by providing a structured introduction to Ramsay Healthcare in a supportive and positive learning environment.

As a graduate you will be allocated a preceptor for each of your rotations. You will work closely with your preceptor/s and receive constant feedback and support. Given that we offer flexible working arrangements, if you are unable to work the same shift as your preceptor/s, Ramsay Health Care have many experienced clinicians that can support you throughout your shifts.

Preceptor Plus Diamond Club - Recognising Ramsay Preceptors

Ramsay Health Care is committed to supporting and developing all staff, and our precious preceptors are no exception!

Each month graduates will have the opportunity to nominate a preceptor for the HESTA Gradplus Preceptor of the month awards. A small token of our appreciation for the valuable work of our preceptors.