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Application Process

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will include:

  1. Your application – which includes your CV & Covering letter & supporting documents
  2. The interview
  3. Referee reports

NB: Referee reports are not required upon application, however, we do require the name and contact details of two or more referees included in your CV, or provided at time of interview.


  • After submitting your “online application”, there will be a confirmation email sent to you. You will be able to log back in with the email address and password that you created to view your application.
  • You will only receive email confirmation of the successful lodgment if you provide a valid email address.
  • You will also receive an email if you have been unsuccessful in lodging your application if you provide a valid email address. Please ensure you have reviewed this email. 
  • You will not be able to change your preferences of your applications once it has been lodged. If you wish to change any details or preferences on your application or withdraw from the process
  • Your application will be forwarded to your first preference hospital. You first preference hospital will then review all applications received and you will be informed if you have been successful in obtaining an interview within the first few weeks following the closing date. We also ask you to choose other Ramsay regions in case vacancies become available following the first round of interviews, therefore if you are not successful in gaining an interview at your first preference hospital we will keep your details on file in case something comes available at one of our other sites.
  • Clinical placement assessments may also be known as clinical placement reviews, summative assessment, or a variety of different terminology from the differing institutions. Essentially, we are looking to see how you, the student nurse, performed on clinical placement.

The Interview

  • At interview you will be asked questions related to the advertised selection criteria
  • Questions will be based on the selection criteria.
  • Questions seek to assess your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a novice Registered Nurse / Enrolled Nurse ,Midwife  or Allied Health Professional (whichever is relevant)
  • The purpose of the interview is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate how you meet the selection criteria and to enable the interview panel to gather further information about you to enhance your application
  • You will be able to ask questions about the position at the interview

You must bring the following supporting original documents with you to your interview:

  • Proof of Citizenship or Residency
  • Photo identification e.g. Drivers license or passport
  • Passport with visa if from overseas
  • You must also provide the name, address and telephone number of two referees who may be contacted about you. One of the referees must be a clinical referee. Please make sure that the referees you have nominated are aware that they may be contacted.

Notification of Offer of Employment

You will be advised of the result of your application after the selection process is completed. We will confirm with you at interview when this date will be.

You will be advised in writing via email of one of the following outcomes:

  • You have been successful
  • You have been placed on an eligibility list for allocation if positions remain available
  • You have been unsuccessful

If you are offered a position you will have up to two weeks from when you receive the contract in which to accept the offer or the offer will be withdrawn. As recruitment is a competitive process, if you decline an offer of employment, you will not be automatically placed on the eligibility list.

Allocation of Positions

Positions will be allocated on a merit basis where the best applicant for a job is selected following a competitive process. This means that the applicant considered to be the most capable of performing the duties of the position is selected.

Eligibility List

For applicants who are deemed suitable for employment but are not allocated a position because of the number of positions available, an eligibility list for employment will be created.

Interview Feedback

The hospital will advise you how to obtain feedback after your interview. In accordance with privacy laws applications can only be discussed with the applicant unless the applicant gives consent for discussion with another specified person. 


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